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  • DS600 LCD Digital readout
DS600 LCD Digital readout

DS600 LCD Digital readout

3 axis DRO is a high-definition LCD screen 3-axis display that can analyze and process two-dimensional measurement data, especially in combination with a profile projector, can complete the measurement of precise geometric workpieces. The workpiece measurements includes straightening the workpiece, establishing the origin of the coordinate system, measuring the workpiece by collecting sample points etc.


Product Parameter

-3 axis DRO is used for the measurement, setup and structure of graphic elements of    points, lines, circles, angles, distances, etc.

-3 axis DRO can align the coordinate and move the coordinate easily.

-RS232 output function, conducting communications with the computer by way of the compressed BCD code.

-Multiple coordinate display forms: display of polar coordinates, rectangular coordinates, NC  coordinates and ABS coordinates, display of Metric and lnch Systems.

-Linear compensation or section compensation can be made for the linear scale.

-Z axis may be connected with the linear scale or the rotary encoder (angle display).

-100 temporary storage elements and 100 permanent storage elements.

-Number of input axes: three axes of X, Y and Z/Q with minimum resolution of 0.001mm.

-Input waveforms: TTL square waves.

-Input voltage: AC 110V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz.

-Overall Size: 290×195×80(mm)


Product Feature and Application

3 axis DRO is a multi-function digital display processing system suitable for digital raster measurement and video measurement. It is widely used for measuring instruments such as projectors, tool microscopes, CCD measuring instruments, etc. 

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