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BMH is committed to offering premium quality products and satisfactory services to our customers. We view after-sale service with the importance that it deserves.
If you are experiencing a problem, let our product knowledge and collective experience minimize your inconvenience.
We offer you start-up support, measurement services, maintenance, repairs, upgrades and retrofits. You can rely on us.
We devote ourselves to providing continuous technical support and services including but not limited to the followings:
 1. Process control and enhancement.
 2. Machinery training and upgrading.
 3. Machinery, metrology, sales and services.
 4. Specialist maintenance repair, and refurbishment.
 5. Consultancy and advisory services.
Our support services are mainly on Profile Projector, Video Measuring System (VMS), Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Linear Scale, Digital Readout, Measuring Software, etc. 
For further technical assistance, inquiries can be directed to:
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