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  • DRO-3 Digital readout
DRO-3 Digital readout

DRO-3 Digital readout

DROIII-3 for 3 axis milling machine, metal case

Advanced electronic technology and personality design
Rapid response speed and powerful functions
Can directly calculate the sine, cosine and trigonometric functions in the meter
Solid and durable cover in power and signal is very strong
High quality and suitable panel, which simple and convenient for exchange

Zero reset
Inc /mm conversation
ABS/INC coordinate conversation /200 groups coordinates display memory of Dower-cut
"1/2"Function key display
Linear error rectify
Sleep switch
200 point auxiliary zero
Absolute Reference point of scale

DRO Functions
Calculating smoothed are "R"(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
Calculating simple&easy are "R"(DRO-2M is available)
Boring hole in oblique line(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
200 points auxiliary zero position function(DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E AND DRO-2G are available)
Disparting hole for PED circle (DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E are available)
Processing oblique surface(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
Asymptotic processing for the inner of rectangle (DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
Finding automatically Zero position function (DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E are available)
Simply calculating function (DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
Cutting-tool compensation function (DRO-3M are available)
Digital fill tracing function (DRO-2G are available)
EDM output function(DRO-3E are available)
3M function(DRO-2M are available): This is used to process the erect oblique surface of Z-axis. 

Technical Parameters
AC 85V-260V 
Power loss: 25VA
Working temperature: 0º C~45º C
Storage temperature: -30º C~70º C
Relative humidity: < 90%(20± 5º C)
Weight: 3.2kg
Coordinate: Two-coordinates & Three-coordinates
Display: 7 bit display data with sign, information window adopts 8 bit symbol output model
Frequency: Multiplication: 4*
Output signal of display counter: TTL Square wave
Multiplying power of input signal: >100kHz
Length resolution: 5μ M, 1μ M
Operating keyboard: Enclosed & film, slight-touch keyboard
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